February 12, 2015

Song snippet - #Dynamic (New album)

Here's a snippet of a song I'm working on for my next project titled DYNAMIC.  Not really going to say more about it for now because I'm in the middle of working on it, just want to be free to create for the moment but I wanted to share this.  This one is produced by Mot1v.

February 10, 2015

L.I.F.E. Movement

I really should be writing on here more considering I do pay to keep this site up.  Here's a message I sent to my Instagram followers recently about my crew of like-minded individuals, L.I.F.E., If you want to find out what we're about, read on, if you didn't know about us...read on:

June 29, 2014

Mot1v Production - "REBEL" (Album)

Check out "Rebel" the latest album from Ukrainian producer Mot1v from the Re:Sample crew.  My homie Mot1v and I have worked together a few times before on different projects, he's a dope producer with a unique style of production that you should take the time to listen to if you enjoy dark gritty Hip-Hop production.  This instrumental album features 13 tracks and a last bonus track which I am featured on titled "Glory", support this project and download it now! (press "Read more" to stream/download).

June 20, 2014


*Download Below*

Here it is, my newest project INSOMNIIYAK, I had fun recording this project and learning new things throughout the process, with every project I release I grow a little more as an artist and this was no exception.  I consider this my best work to date (as far as projects go), I pushed myself to complete a full project without outside help, no features or beats from other producers, in the end it worked out well and I'm satisfied with the sound I created for this album, I hope you all enjoy listening to it because I know enjoyed making it, I appreciate all the supporters, thank you, keep listening and I'll keep making more.